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Mobile BOSCH Service Center Coming to you This video shows chain idler bearing being replaced and software update. Mobile Service Center for BOSCH e-Bike's:-

Home Mechanic DIY - How-To Videos. 

There is no substitute for a professional cycle technician, to carry out an inspection and the correct repair, with the correct tools. Cycle Tech DO NOT accept any responsibility for a home mechanic that may cause damage or injury. Or offer any advice or recommendations without first seeing your bike.
Short videos to show you what to do to set up your bike and how to look after it between services. The first service to be carried out at 30 days from purchase date, then every 6 months or 1000 miles whichever comes first or sooner if riding in winter conditions.

Inflating a tyre with a Presta valve

In this video, we are using the Zéfal Profil Max FP20 track pump. The Presta valve is also known as the high-pressure valve or the French valve. The Zéfal track pump switches from Schrader to Presta valve. Includes a gauge for inflating to the correct pressure. View pump details:

Check your tyres pressure regularly, to help reduce punctures, for better control, comfort and longer tyre life. The tyre pressure can be found on the tyre sidewall, in PSI & Bar.

Centring a V-brake

In this short video, how to adjust a V-brake from one side rubbing on the wheel rim.

A Philips screwdriver required to adjust the spring tension.

Turn the screw clockwise to tension the spring, to bring the brake away from the rim, as the video shows.


Change Between Presta & Schrader Valve

Mini - pump, is one of those items that you probably won't use often.

Mini pumps are lightweight and used as an emergency when out on the road or on the trails. But it's a good idea to know how it works and be set up ready to fit the type of valve on your bike. There is no substitute to a track pump with a gauge that can inflate to the right pressure quickly. A mini-pump is to get you back home. Check your tyre pressure regularly, for control, comfort and long tyre life.

Front suspension setup

This video is the basic setup of the front suspension.

(Wind off rebound adjustment and pump-up tyres to the correct pressure before adjusting sag)
Use your shock pump to inflate or
deflate the suspension
Stand on your bike & lean against something to take riders weight
Set between 25% - 35% sag 100 mm travel fork 25mm - 33mm
Reset rebound for a fast or slow setting for your type of riding.

Shock pump: SKS S.A.M. (Suspension Air Mechanic) suspension pump

Remove & refit Shimano disc brake pads

Brake pads are a normal wear item on your bicycle. That means they are designed to wear down and be replaced. If you have disc brakes on your bike, This is a very manageable task and only requires a few tools. Parktool piston tool, 3mm hex key, long nose pliers and a bike work stand makes for an easy task.

If you notice any squealing or scraping noises while cycling and when applying your brakes, that is a good sign that your pads are worn and in need of replacement. You might also hear squealing or scraping sounds while NOT applying the brakes and when you apply the brake, the noises stop. That is also an indicator of worn or misaligned pads.
The only way to know before your brakes fail or damage the rotors is regular inspections.

Chain Care - Between Servicing

For long life and smooth gear change, it's important to keep your drivetrain cleaned and oiled regularly.

Tools: Degreaser, brushes, scraper, clean rags and lube (Use wet or dry lube to the conditions and time of year)
When using dry lube, shake the bottle well before applying and leave for 6 hours to dry.