Trends In The Bike Trade – Supply & Demand

Bikes, new and used are selling like hotcakes. Suppliers are now out of stock of entry-level bikes with backorders due in 4 months time, with many of those orders already taken and could be Christmas before we see the next delivery.

“Those at home from the shut down are seeing the value in cycling as a form of fitness or quality time spent with the family”

Many people are speculating the boom in cycling will be short-lived, as leisure cycling tends to be on sunny days and enthusiasm can be lost when hills are involved. Added to cycling on a poor quality bike is not fun when cycling more than a few miles. A bike fitted with the correct saddle and tyres inflated to the correct pressure can make a high difference. Once you get into cycling, you will meet other cyclists and they will give you information on padded cycling shorts and shoes that will make longer rides more comfortable as your fitness improves.
As cars return to our roads, families out cycling will soon stay off the roads, as it becomes a worry.
Those who are getting back to cycling from being too busy working, now have the time to return to cycling and they have been busy building a foundation to their fitness, by getting out regularly and will look at upgrading their bike to something more reliable and fit for purpose. Including buying the correct clothing for summer and winter cycling for cold and rainy days.
Whilst many will return to the comfort of their cars, others will look at alternative transport and e-bikes make cycling fun and cycling hills much easier with assistance from a motor.
As bike parks reopen, we will see more people taking their bikes by car to the safety of cycling off-road.

“In the bike trade, we say buy cheap buy twice” But what bike, make, model and style should you buy? If you are new to cycling then talk with those in the know – Your local bike mechanic.

There are safety concerns of many bikes being used on the roads that are of poor quality and have not been assembled correctly by a professional with the correct tools.
Buying a used bike off eBay can mean an expensive repair to make it roadworthy.
We are seeing new bikes are being brought from Europe as there is a short supply in the UK, this has its problems for those new to cycling as in the UK the brakes are set up the opposite way round.
We often see bikes brought online by those new to cycling who have brought a bike too large for the rider.
Researching online reviews is not the same as talking to a bike shop owner or mechanic who has years of experience, has product knowledge and can offer advice to what’s available to your budget and riding style.

The cost of an e-bike might seem expensive to those who are new to cycling and maybe put off by the price or don’t know where to get the information to buy the correct bike to their needs.

How will the bike trade be in 2021?

We will have to watch the signs:

  • Will government and local councils commit to building cycle paths and link towns. Build bike parking that is secure and reduce VAT on leisure and British made goods.
  • Job loses and stimulants will mean tax rises that will have a large effect on how people will spend there money and time.
  • Value – how people will spend their leisure time to live a better lifestyle or return to a life of convenient’s.
  • Rumoured eBike grant.

How we live our lives will have a big impact on cycling.

Becoming independent, cycling can offer freedom. Easy V’s Hard = How we see the true value of what cycling can offer. As a form of transport, saving money, fitness physically and mentality.

It will take the bike trade to find a way to get the information to new customers that are looking at returning to cycling or completely new that its more than just a bike and buying cheap means buying twice and every bike needs a mechanic. Buying used can often mean buying a worn-out bike that ends up being an expensive repair.

The time is right – pollution, climate, congestion, health – it all lines up for a diversion away from an easy life to one with meaning that can build a better future. More people investing in their health than buying stuff will be the game-changer. Not having a foreign holiday this year will mean spending money in the UK. And what way can you enjoy your free time and keep your distance? By cycling. Life is better by bike.

Bicycle mechanics are a passionate bunch of cyclists and spend all their time fixing and riding bikes. They know the value of cycling and that every bike needs a mechanic. Always check your mechanic is insured and has the experience of working on modern and old bicycles before you had over your bike.