The role of freedom in the e-mobility revolution.

Cycling is one of the last ways of being dependant on your self and having the freedom to explore in our modern world.

“All cyclists understand freedom, the wind in their hair, the wheels turning under them, the sound a bike makes when it is tuned to perfection, the agony of a headwind and the frustration of a flat tyre” Lucho – La Casa De Ciclista Peru.

I believe cycling is the answer to many of the world’s problems. At a time of a crisis is when you find out who you can trust as it exposes the truth. This is a time we come together with love, by helping others and not thinking of ourselves. But instead, our minds are tied in knots, we are living in fear and belive a vaccine is the only answer to getting back to normal. We are entering a brave new world, whether you believe in conspiracies or trust what the mainstream media is telling you, we need to find the balance between the two. While the new normal will take its course the best thing is to be dependant on yourself, with critical thinking, asking questions. (Who benefits and follow the money) and do more of what you love!

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

For the health of your mind, is to live each day as it comes to your best ability. Start by ditching your TV and take the first step to get out in the great outdoors. You will find out that the world has not changed, it’s the illusion of what we have believed in or lied to (Know as the economy or rat race, that has become controlism and not capitalism). The world does have a lot to offer and there are many opportunities to enjoy it, just take that first step pedal and learn to keep your balance then you can take back control get a handle on your life.

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Learning to keep your balance

We need to draw the line or lose our freedom

Let’s not lose that right to AI and 5G or we will be going backwards and not evolving. (By not using our imagination and our own thinking) Whilst cycling is known for, cost-effective, convenient and low emissions answering a lot of questions for lowering pollution in towns and cites. Cycling also has health benefits both physically and mentally. Well, it’s now more important than ever to get cycling as we are living a convenient lifestyle of being fat, sick and in debt.

Limit the use with your Smart Phone – It’s a personal choice, but an important one that we should all be conscious about. Having that phone, you are expected to add more app’s to it and then you are using it more than you want to for everything and 24/7 if you are not careful. Humans also need peace and quiet to focus on living their life to the fullest and not distractions by dealing with notifications coming from their phone.

Before COVID-19, we have had law changes introduced coupled with surveillance all promoted as safety. It has put more fear into the people and divided the country, with everyone thinking they are a traffic cop, by having the right of way over others. When the highway is for everyone, for the cycling revolution to continue requires a live and let live world, by putting others first and not a civil war on our roads.

Many people are not happy and can’t figure out why they know something is wrong, but not sure what. Basically living a controlled life and not living to their fullest. (A loss of direction and purpose) The lockdown helped people to rethink their life, by spending time with their families and time to be in the great outdoors cycling.

Keep it simple

The local authorities would do better by looking at the fundamentals and not relying on data to make it a success:

  • Mesure peoples happiness and enjoyment to be key, in adopting this new form of urban e-mobility.
  • How can we get more people cycling? By putting bike security in place, putting cyclists first over cars and lorries.

What cyclists don’t want is restrictions and control of where they can and can’t cycle. Or the world will lose its last bit of freedom.

Collecting data can be easily manipulated to how the council and the corporate investors want to move forward or how they can profit and not for the benefits of the people. It will end up being the piece of straw that brakes the camels back for independent businesses in the high street and shopping centres.

Keep cycling for yourself and not become an urban sheep follower.

The convenient life will only continue if we allow it, as technology will make our choices. With mobile apps, can help us to find where to hire an e-shooter or e-bike. (Google Maps/Trip advisor in search can also do this) Apps mean giving up more of your rights, allowing you to be bombarded with adverts. Showing you and controlling you to the nearest McDonalds or Costa (The BIG businesses and not the local independent, that cyclists like to support)

Cycle revolution

Dependant on your self and not your phone

Whilst apps can be a great tool for finding a hire bike and for getting around for new visitors and tourists. Its whos behind the app, who really benefits from your data? By controlling your choice the next time you visit or travel.

But it will save you time and be safer. (More time for distractions of your phone) Where is the fun in that?

One thing the crisis has taghut us when we were on lockdown, was to rethink our life! What’s important and what gives us value from spending time with our family and exercising in the great outdoors by leaving your phone at home gave you a much better experience, as you were not worrying about being somewhere else at a certain time. The convenient westernised lifestyle we have become accustomed to. All designed to be the same, moving towards Chinas blueprint. Let’s be independent and have our own tome/city unique or why visit somewhere new if all the same! The same restaurants, coffee shops and not independents, let’s have freedom and choice where we make our own decisions and keep cycling freedom of choice.

Are you attached to your phone or you control your phone?

Be independent and not living in fear, cycling is the way we can have a better world. Love and peace.

Go ride and leave your distraction at home…………. There is a beautiful world out there to explore, that’s far from the economic and political illusion that we can easily believe is the only way to do things.