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Welcome to cycletechconnect.com. Cycle Tech Group of Businesses and/or its affiliates (“Cycle Tech UK”) provide website features and other products and services to you when you visit or shop at cycletechconnect.com, use Cycle Tech UK products or services including Cycle Tech DIRECT and Cycle Tech BUILD In-Home assembly services. Cycle Tech Connect provides the Cycle Tech Services subject to the following conditions.

By using Cycle Tech Services, either directly or indirectly through a third-party user of Cycle Tech services you agree to these conditions.

  1. Cycle Tech Connect is part of the Cycle Tech UK Group.
  2. Cycle Tech Connect is a business directory of profecinal bicycle mechanics.
  3. Each mechanic (The business owner) is independant and while Cycle Tech UK checks their credibility, Cycle Tech UK is not liable for their workmanship.

Martin Wilkins founder & owner of Cycle Tech feels it is very important you take your time and read everything on this page and if you don’t understand anything please talk to us or email me directly. Every customer and bike we see has unique requirements, to help us serve you as efficiently as we can and save you time, we have a set of Terms & Conditions.  

A note about high demand and supply chain issues we are experiencing.
Dear Customers,  
At this time the bike industry is experiencing a perfect storm of unprecedented demand and reduced capacity for manufacture. That means stock is hard to come by and when it does come in, it tends not to last. 
We are still offering a great service, but we are struggling to keep up with high demand and with a shortage of some parts. But we are working on it. To have a system in place to manage enquires and offer a better customer experience. So, at times we may be slow in responding. 
Remember each member is autonomous and chooses how they operate their business day to day and are solely responsible for replying to you.
You are of course welcome as always to email us. 
Thanks, The Cycle Tech UK Team 

The Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme

  1. First, check that your mechanic is taking part in the scheme.
  2. Book your bike for the M-Check assessment to identify work needed *SEE NOTE BELOW
  3. Your mechanic will come to you to validate your Government voucher and undertake the M-Check. A 32-point bike assessment, to identify any repairs or maintenance needed.
  4. To approve the repairs and apply your voucher. Your mechanic will talk you through the repairs required and how you can put your voucher towards the cost of getting your bike back on the road. They’ll then order any parts required to fix your bike. 
  5. Your mechanic will carry out the repairs and fit any parts on-site, where possible or offer a collection and delivery service. Your mechanic will call to inform you when your bike is ready for return. The voucher will cover the first £50 of your repairs and you can simply pay the difference if your repairs cost more than this.

The Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme

What repairs are covered by the voucher?
Repairing or replacing tyres, tubes, wheels and related components.
Adjusting, repairing or replacing braking system components.
Adjusting, repairing or replacing transmission system components (eg, your gear mechanism or chain).
Repairing or replacing other essential components that prevent the bike from being used safely (eg, deteriorated grips or saddle).
Repairing or replacing components for permanently fitted lighting systems (eg, dynamo-powered lights).

What items are NOT covered by the voucher?

It can’t be used to pay for servicing costs. You can’t use it to purchase anything else, such as upgrades, spare parts, accessories or a new helmet. The vouchers cannot be used on scooters

What if the repairs cost more (or less) than £50?

If the repairs cost more, you’ll need to pay the difference. If the repairs cost less than £50, you won’t get any change.

*Please note: Regardless of the repairs you are requesting we are obliged to do a full safety, roadworthy check and report to give an estimate of overall conditions of the bike(s) first. (Known as the M-Check) on any bike, we work on. Any additional work that we deem necessary will be advised to you for your approval prior to any work being undertaken. If you do not agree to the additional safety work or if any associated worn parts that are not being replaced at the same time, we will not be able to perform any repairs on your bike. The M-Check is £35.00 and is not charged if the repair is carried out. The voucher does NOT cover the M-check.  

What ID do I need to provide?
If you have a valid photocard driving licence with your address, that’s all you need to take. If not, you’ll need one form of ID from each of these lists:
List 1:
PassportNational identity card (non-UK)Residence permit
List 2 (must be less than three months old, and can be paper or electronic):
Utility billCouncil tax billMortgage statementCouncil/housing association rent cardBenefit book


How your mechanic will use best practices while we are in a lockdown. I have also highly suggested they wear a mask, there is very good evidence in countries being used as helped control the spread of the virus.

Collections – When arriving at a customer’s address maintain a two-metre distance from the door and call them to alert them that you are outside. Failing this, ring the doorbell and then step back to the two-metre distance. The customer can then bring their bike outside the house and leave it in a suitable place before stepping back inside the house or to a two-metre distance away. You should then handle the bike wearing gloves and disinfect the entire bike- paying particular attention to contact points such as the handlebar, brakes, gears etc. – before loading it into your method of transport.

Deliveries – Again, call the customer when you are outside or ring the doorbell before stepping back to a two-metre distance. Disinfect the bike wearing gloves to make it as safe as possible for your customer to handle. Leave the bike in a suitable place where the customer is able to collect it while maintaining the two-metre distance.

Your workshop – All employees should be wearing disposable gloves in the workshop and whenever handling bikes. You should remind all employees to wash their hands for 20 seconds more frequently and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues. Frequently clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using your standard cleaning products.

1. General: 

  1. www.cycletechconnect.com – is a site operated by Cycle Tech UK established in 2007 Head Office in High Wycombe 
  2. The Busines – Each Bicycle Mechanic is an independent business ‘autonomous’ working their own exclusive Territory. A local business working under national support.  
  3. www.cycletechconnect.com – Is a directory of bicycle mechanics and Cycle Tech Connect will use its due care to check each business listed. 
     Note: Always check the credentials of any bicycle mechanics BEFORE allowing them to work on your bicycle.
  4. A customer – is an individual, business or company that purchases the goods or services produced by The Business.  
  5. Each bike – ‘bicycle, cycle, tricycle, tandem, e-bike, e scooter’ and Customer we see is unique to the individual requirements and our Members do not give quotes without first inspecting your bike. After inspecting your bicycle, a technician’s report may be explained verbally or written or a combination. Such advice shall amount to an opinion only and Cycle Tech shall not accept liability for any inaccuracies.   
  6. By using the connect form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. GDPR Agreement – I consent to have this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry.


2. Using the Booking/Contact Form:

  1. By sending a message and filling out your details helps us to serve you better and more efficiently. Helping us to better understand your cycling needs and to respond more quickly. 
  2. GDPR. Are you happy for Cycle Tech to store & communicate you with data supplied? By clicking SEND MESSAGE your are agreeing YES. See section 13. bottom of this page for GDPR Data protection information. 
  3. By clicking SEND MESSAGE you are agreeing to “I have read & agreed to the Cycle Tech UK’s T&C” (This Page) and you agree that Cycle Tech may share your information with your nearest Cycle Tech Mechanic. We do not share with any third party.

3. The Customer agrees to: 

  1. You certify that you are the owner of any bicycle(s) that you have authorised the mechanic to service or repair. Any other bike or bikes that you have arranged from friends or work colleague to be serviced at the same time, means you will be responsible for arranging payment, authorising any extra work, organising the bikes to be ready for service and the working area is safe. See under: Working Conditions in more details below.
  2. The mechanics are independent businesses. It is assumed that the customer will identify the appropriate member and issue instructions by submitting the Booking/Contact form. The member will respond within a reasonable time and will make all reasonable efforts to meet the customer’s requested time within the constraints of an efficient route and existing appointments.
  3. Cancellations – 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or minimum fee is chargeable.

4. © Copyright 2007 – 2020 Cycle Tech UK All rights reserved License Features: 

  1. Cycle Tech allows users to share links to pages on this website to Facebook 
  2. Cycle Tech does NOT allow any images or any content from this website including any links or popups and material to be copied from this website for commercial use. Cycle Tech UK will take action to protect its Trade Mark and branding. 

5. Workmanship Guarantee: 

  1. Cycle Tech UK guarantee all our work with our Common-Sense warranty. You expect a job to be done properly and our parts to be suitable for the job and completed in a reasonable amount of time, as is your right. Therefore, if there is any aspect you are unhappy about, then get in touch and we will discuss how to resolve your issue amicably. Similarly, we would not expect you to ask us to be responsible for damage caused by accidents, carelessness, off-road excursions, using any type of water pressure when washing your bike and Neglect (lack of care and maintenance)  
  2. Cycle Tech UK warrant that their work will be done to a professional standard and any defective work will be corrected free of charge to the customer. Work will be guaranteed for 30 days, subject to appropriate use. The warranty does not apply to abnormal wear and tear. Neglect (lack of care and maintenance) No liability for failure can be accepted by Cycle Tech UK for such alternative use, amendment or modification.

6. How do I get something fixed when it’s under guarantee?

  1. You will need to first contact the mechanic that worked on your bike and he will arrange to view the bike/issue in question. You will also need the invoice for the original work and we will fix any issues free of charge. If at all possible we will fix the problem on the spot, but sometimes that won’t be possible because of the nature of the issue.
  2. If Cycle Tech UK supplied and fitted it, Cycle Tech UK will cover any problem in the component caused by a manufacturer’s defect – and fix it free of charge, up to 30 days from date fitted or there will be a Labour charge. ‘clause’ See Section 5  Paragraph 8 When customer suppliers their own components. This excludes the usual wear and tear including using any type of water pressure when washing your bike. As in Section 5. 
  3. If you claim on the manufacturer’s warranty, after 30 days, and Cycle tech UK supplied and fitted the part. Cycle Tech UK will return the part for warranty repair or replacement from the manufacturer or their authorized distributor ‘our supplier’. there will be a Labour charge involved after 30 days from fitting. 
  4. From experience, bikes that retail for £200 or less often have poor quality components. The result of a failure of important components such as brakes, gears, and pedals can lead to a loss of control leading to life-threatening situations and as such may not be safe to use on public roads, especially if given rough treatment. If presented with a bike where we can see poor-quality components, we will advise you of the limitations of the bike and where appropriate recommend upgrades. 

7. Technicians Report:

  1. A detailed report on the customer bicycle will be completed by a Cycle Technician using a checklist. Any items identified will be clearly explained to the customer and they may be sent a video or photo to support the report. We will advise whether work is urgent and gain approval for any work to be carried out on the day. Alternatively, we will advise of any items to keep an eye for the future or requires replacing at a certain time or mileage. 

8. If difficult diagnostics are needed: 

  1. A second diagnosis or a more thorough inspection will be carried out as soon as possible, to identify service procedure, tools and parts. The goal is to identify the fault, prepare an estimate for the customer of the additional work and any parts and ask for approval. Then order parts if not in stock or any special order items as soon as possible and schedule in the additional work and keep the customer updated with a completion date. 

9. Working conditions:

  1. The Cycle Tech UK mechanic will carry out all work with the minimum disruption to the customer. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is a suitable and safe place to work on the bike. If no suitable premises are available, Cycle Tech UK reserves the right to make an additional charge for the carriage of the cycle to a suitable place of work.
  2. Where the service is required to be carried out indoors, the mechanics will take reasonable precautions to protect any floor coverings, decorations, and furnishings from damage.
  3. The workplace provided must be free from children and animals to avoid any accidents or injuries.
  4. The mechanic is not obliged to offer any service in a place where there is a Health and Safety risk.

10. Appointments:

  1. Due to the nature of the business, and keeping on time for appointment’s, there is a chance of running late. The Cycle Tech UK Member you made the booking with will do their up-most to keep you informed.  
  2. Change or cancel your appointment please let us know 24 hours before. 

11. Time Scale: 

  1. Cycle Tech UK aim to complete your service and/or repair to a high standard as soon as possible. Some things are out of our control, parts required may be out of stock, deliveries may arrive late, or even lost, there may be further investigation required to the M-Check. Cycle Tech UK mechanic will do their utmost to keep you informed and updated with a time scale. 

Riding at an event? Our advice for bikes that are required for an event is to be booked in for a service at least two weeks before to avoid disappointment, with a follow-up check of vital components and cables. These type of bikes and riders tend to put in a lot of miles in training and bike components have accelerated wear rates.

12. Standard of service under the Cycle Tech UK Name & logo:

  1. Each mechanic is an independent business working to the same high standard and service under the same logo. Like-minded individuals who like to fix bicycles. Each member uses the logo identified by the area they cover. 
  2. Each mechanic is autonomous and chooses how they operate their business day to day and are solely responsible for complying with all laws and statutory regulations that are relevant to their business.
  3. Any disagreements should be dealt with your cycle technician.
  4. Each mechanic has a minimum qualification of Level 2 in the cycle industry, kept updated regularly with training and product knowledge. Each member carries a fully professional toolkit, and uses quality parts, enabling confidence to carry out all types of repairs.
  5. Mechanics are required to maintain public Liability insurance.
  6. Mechanics are only listed on this website, once they have been approved. Each mechanic must renew their listing each year.
  7. A mechanic will be expected to provide service within his agreed area at the agreed rate.
  8. Cycle Tech UK accept no liability for the individual members’ work, (however, they will make every reasonable effort to ensure that mechanic works to an appropriate standard to protect the reputation of the group).

13. Data protection:

How we use your personal information:

  1. When you use our contact form you choose for Cycle Tech UK to hold your details by opting in or out, or if we can send you a yearly newsletter or service reminder. 
  2. You may also use our contact form to find your nearest Cycle Tech Mechanic if so your details will be forwarded to one of our authorised mechanics.  
  3. The data we collect is provided by you if you use our website enquiry form, or call/email us to ask for a quote. These personal details will include your name, email and telephone number. We will also ask for permission to contact you via versus platforms if required to send photos or video evidence of works needed or completed. 
  4. We collect this information so that we can respond to your enquiry. We ask for telephone numbers in case there is a problem with your email address and to contact you directly should we require further information to fulfil your request.
  5. Cycle Tech UK will not pass your details to any third parties or anyone else.
  6. If you are a current or past customer, we will also send you notification of new products and services via email. Should you no longer wish to receive these updates, you can reply to our email letting us know, and we will stop sending you this information unless you have already chosen to opt-out.  
  7. Or details (First name, email, phone & Postcode only) will be saved on a secure email provider for up to 1 year if we do not hear from you again. 
  8. When we send a newsletter or service reminder you will have the choice to opt-out
  9. You can opt-out at any time. 

If you ask to see what information we hold about you?
Please email me and I will send the information/copy of what details we hold.
email martin@cycletechuk.co.uk 
There may be times that Cycle Tech UK need to amend these terms and conditions. On the rare occasion that this happens, Cycle Tech UK reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they understand the latest terms and conditions© Copyright 2007 – 2012 Cycle Tech UK All rights reserved