Get More Bums On Bikes

Our national network of mobile bicycle mechanics is the perfect combo to team up with bike brands to offer demo rides direct to the consumer.

The key to deciding to buy an e-bike is to seek out a demo and try one.

Get more bums on bikes as the demand for shopping online continues to grow.

Cycle Tech High Wycombe
Test before you buy – Demo e Bikes avalibe to get more bums on bikes.

Our Vision:

  • Increased consumer awareness for e-Bikes and the benefits of cycling.
  • As e-Bikes will become the main urban transport.
  • With a network of charging points and battery exchange available.

At the heart of cycling, by a national network of skilled mechanics who offer local support and help more people to cycle.

The Cycle Tech UK Network of mobile bicycle mechanics sees exciting times ahead for the bike trade and commuters having fun getting around on an e-Bike.

There are unlimited and fascinating longterm opportunities……………….

Online spending in the UK – With bicycles sales the fastest growing in Europe.

Growing consumer demand continues to shift to online shopping, combined with more people working at home from the lockdown, prompted massive growth to shop online. The latest retail sales figures showed that UK online sales in July were more than 50% higher than pre-pandemic levels in February.

Means benefiting the mobile bicycle mechanic business model. Who offers a home service with new bike builds from the online retailer. Making it more convenient to call a mobile mechanic and have them come directly to the consumer, than the traditional way of going to town, finding somewhere to park with the added hassle of getting their bikes in and out of the car.

Delivery service for bikes

“At the heart of cycling, new bikes direct to the customer offering flexibility and convenience for online customers, confidence in knowing their bike is assembled correctly, with backup support from a network of mechanics adding value to the brand,” Said Cycle Tech’s head office.

Customers choosing to buy online from our partners will be contacted by their local Cycle Tech mechanic to select their preferred delivery day and time, request any further bicycle set up and any accessories ordered to be fitted.

Handover to the customer from adjusting the saddle and bar hight to showing the gears and how to look after the e-bike battery directly at the customer’s door. Go enjoy the ride………….


Bicycles and the outdoor leisure industry are the positive outcomes from the crisis, that looks to be around for a long time. Cycling is what can make our world a much better place to live, both for the environment and with health benefits. Some of the leisure industry like, airlines, pubs and hotels that use to be luxury experiences may not be flourishing for a while.

Demo e-Bikes Avalible

Our national network of bicycle mechanics is the perfect combo to team up with bike brands, who sell online and want consumers to try before they buy. Cycle Tech UK work with brands that use quality electric motors and components. Our mechanics have the training, tech support and product knowledge of knowing the range of demo bikes. That allowed the mechanic to offer demo rides with confidence and after-sales service that allows the customer confidence buying in the brand.

Cycle Tech UK promotes your brand through daily customer interactions organised cycle events, having demo bikes available and Cycle Tech UK online/social media channels.

Buying an e-bike so much easier

The customer can book a demo ride at their home or join one of the demo days across the UK. Allowing us to get more bums on bikes, answering questions and the correct sizing before the customer buys, reducing any returns and offering a better buying experience.


There are a few things to bear in mind.

An e-bike is a type of bicycle that can be used without any licence, mandatory insurance or helmet, and taken on bike paths. To avoid being classified as a moped, it must fit very specific criteria. The electric motor, limited to 250w, that is pedal-assisted only when the rider pedals. (After 2016, pre-e-bikes were fitted with a throttle) The maximum powered speed is 15.5mph. And riders must be 14 or over.

An e-bike means riding more often, or the rider is much happier to tackle a commute that was only previously done in a car.

Adapting your riding skill’s from a bicycle to an e-bike

The costs: Good e-bikes tend to start from £1,200 – £1,900, with the mid motors being the more expensive over a hub motor. e-bike also require regular servicing and care of the battery, with storage and charging levels.

e-bikes do weigh more than a bicycle and can make it difficult if you need to move your e-bike up steps. The better e-bikes do have a walk-assist, making it easy to manoeuvre.

Do ask your e-bike mechanic. Every e-bike we assemble for a customer, we hand over the bike, by showing you the gears and how everything works.

Demo rides are the best way to try before you buy and ask all the questions to have a better understanding of which e-bike is right for you.

Ever wondered what an e-bike is all about?
Come along and take a free test ride on an electric bike


Towns will encourage more people to cycle, to meet low emissions. Meaning more cycle infrastructure to new towns and cities. An example is Bordon in Hampshire, a new eco-city /green town with parks and cycle paths. We are setting up Adrian Free of Cycle Tech Bordon who will be opening at the end of 2020, to fit in with the predicted high demand for cycling.

The Government has recently committed to invest over £225 million in cycle lanes and cycling is anticipated to be ten times higher after restrictions are fully eased.

Expansion right across the UK

Cycle Tech UK continues to grow its national network of mechanics, who are first required to attend training to level 2 industry standard, have the correct tooling, stock, mobile workshop and insurance as a professional business. Our mechanics also do further training to stay ahead of the competition.

Cycle Tech UK, continues to grow slowly to build a strong foundation and be ready for when the supply of new bicycles returns. Our new business setups come from all walks of life, at a time many people are losing their jobs combined with a boom in cycling. Comes with little surprise as they look for a new job filling in forms, they come to realise they want to do a job they enjoy and work in their local community – announcements of new mobile business setups this year, joining our network are welcome to continue our support of new businesses and help get more people cycling.

Rare Opportunity / huge growth – UK’s Cycling industry business.

Order your bike online, the same way you order a curry online, all from the comfort of our own sofa at the click of a button. The mobile mechanic suits the modern consumer who takes care of the bike being delivered and the ongoing aftercare service. Cycle Tech UK has the largest footprint across the UK and linked with good brands and online retail to offer a great combination.

Start your own bike business with Cycle Tech UK and capitalise on the many considerable opportunities that lay ahead.

Start your own mobile bike business today with Cycle Tech UK

Cycle Tech UK Says: “We need more mechanics to keep up with the demand, as people wait up to 8 weeks to have their bike fixed. Working for yourself, means you become dependant on yourself in these uncertain times and what’s a better way to give you a sense of purpose than doing something you enjoy and supporting cyclists in your local community

Growing with the brands that we have chosen to team up with. Predicting a growing trend, in response to consumer demand, that has accelerated the way we now shop online. Cycle Tech UK can continue to grow with the customer’s demands and offer the very best customer service.

Cycle Tech UK is also teaming up with online retailers and brands across Europe, who also see the fastest growth in the UK, who are selling a wide range of good brands, who require mobile support.

It also allows smaller brands to become better known who strive for quality and customer service than quantity.

Some of the brands we are already working with and more in the pipeline for 2021. See Here.

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Together we can get more people cycling, by connecting consumers with a unique buying experience…………….