Electric Bikes Under £2000

A unique way of doing business; e-Bike brands that are sold directly to the consumer and only available through selected bike professionals

E-bikes are a hot topic. With advance changes in the design of the bike and in the quality of the motor. With more makes and models to choose from and in more peoples budget. E-bikes are a great mode of transportation, for everyday commuting, exercise and fun. For many people, it means discovering the great outdoors without too much effort.

Whilst there are some very good e-bikes for under £2000.00, Cycle Tech UK, does not recommend to buy an e-bike for under £1500. 00. They will be of poor quality and difficult to find spare parts and get any warranty support. Bikes under £2000.00 tend to be step-through, hybrid and mountain style bikes that are more suited for road use and level paths. They will have a hub motor, with a few models having a mid-motor that will be closer to £2000.00 and over. Over the £1500 these e-bikes will have a 2 year warranty and good batteries, that you will need to check the spec, before purchasing as at this price range there will be cost cutting. As for £2-4,000 you can get a high quality, BOSCH and Shimano engineered product, with two years of comprehensive warranty support.

E-Bike service center video

The e-bike market is going to outgrow bicycles in usage, as e-bikes become the vehicle of choice. That means huge sales and service growth, with consumers, becoming health and environmentally conscious combined with looking at an alternative to public transport. With talks of government to boost the use of electric bikes, with discounts off buying a new e-bike. Cities will become smart cities and there will be less petrol and diesel vehicles as local council build more cycle paths or electric vehicles only.

The £1500 – £2000 bike market is probably the largest in the number of sales and the number of brands in the e-bike market. It’s the budget/entry-level e-bikes that most people can afford, the older rider, first-time riders and the less fit who are buying at this price range, but not exclusive to. We do also see the young rider from 14 years and these bikes can make a great delivery service. Basically, e-bikes are bringing all types of people new and old back to riding. Not just for leisure and sport, but to get around and for fun, with the added health benefits, both mentally and physically.

Direct to the consumer model

Personalised products and services to improve the customer’s experience and enhances your brand.

You offer a great product, with a personal delivery service (The home bike build) then you build a brand for the long-term. Loyal customers who have brought your brand will soon recommend and buy a second one for their partner.

For those entering the LARGE e-bike market with a new product or brand, this makes the most sense – Sell your e-bike with the support and backup of professionals combined with them offering a demo ride of your bike. If you are offering discounts to sell your brand, then you have failed at the first hurdle. Selling at a discount to enter the large e-bike market, is potential damage to the brand in the long term.

Cycle Tech UK is at the heart of cycling – interacting direct with the consumer at one of our Dr bike and demo ride days.

If you’d like to try one for free (delivered to your door) or just want to learn more about electric bikes please get in touch.

Demo bikes: www.cycletechuk.co.uk/e-bike-shop

Electric bikes delivered, built and handed over to the rider showing them all the features, how everything works and coming back to carry out the 1st service.

Bicycles in the past have mainly been sold with the attitude ‘On Yer bike’ Basically sold without a service schedule, or even explaining that the rider should have his bike maintained by a mechanic and that the tyres need to be kept pumped-up and the chain cleaned and oiled. And only calling a bike shop when there is an issue, and the rider soon finding out that the bike now needs a costly overhaul.

Service is now part of owning a bicycle, especially an e-bike. As we see the motor trade and motorbike companies getting involved in developing e-bike motors and e-bikes. The bike trade will start to change its way of doing business. We will always have the low-end market, e-bikes sold on eBay, Halfords, internet that offers no support and the bike shop will not want to waste their time on e-bikes that are poorly built, difficult to fix as there is little or no support or spare parts available, making the bike uneconomical to fix. E-bikes built using BOSCH, Shimano, and now the motor and motorbike trade getting involved will change the way bike trade has been. We will also start to see better-designed systems, that can do higher mileage between servicing, combined with drive belts and hub gears.

PDI checklist and handover list. A properly assembled e-bike, done by a skilled mechanic who sets the bike up to the rider and shows them the gears helps to reduce any returns and builds your brands image.

All our mechanics are e-bike trained and have the product knowledge combined with having the passion to help more people to cycle. Cyclists like this unique business, with technical support and keen to support local

Bike in a box

So often we hear, the bike is 90% built, just fit the pedals, front wheel and turn the bars! And on your bike!!

All too often this means cross-threaded pedals, stem bolts and bikes not only set up correctly but dangerous to ride on the road. Those new to cycling, don’t even know how to use the gears, let alone assemble the bike correctly.

And the customer asking for a refund

Cycle Tech DIRECT www.cycletechuk.co.uk/home-bike-build-service

Cycle Tech UK = Job Done Right.

Sell a quality product at the correct price with the correct support to build your brand or sell at discount and when the issue arises tell the customer to take their bike to the local bike shop! The shop owner will say “We did not sell that bike, we don’t work on those, or we are booked up for the next 6 weeks”

e-Bike smile

Your brand, our network

Get in touch and I am happy to meet up, view your e-bike brand and discuss how we can partner to support each other.

Business support

Email me today. martin@cycletechuk.co.uk

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