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Electric bikes are fast becoming commonplace on our streets and out on the trails. With more people enjoying the fun and using their e-bike more often for exercise and health benefits over a regular bike or even using the car less often. Manufacturers are developing new systems and models to suit every type of rider and style of bike.
After a cyclist has Chosen an electric bike, they will need an e-bike mechanic to give advice, take good care of their new purchase and keep it running smoothly.

Shimano Steps Service Centre

As e-bike sales continue to grow, with no stopping in sight, added to the direct-to-consumer shopping. There is an increasing need for the skilled e-bike mechanic, who is in high demand, especially to those who offer a home service (On-site or collect & deliver) This service offers the customer a convenient and time-saving way to get their e-bike fixed. Without the hassle of taking their e-bike to a shop or having to return to the online shop. You are effectively offering a premium service and can charge above the going rate, as customers are happy for you to sort out their issues to an e-bike that costs more than a car! You will need trade accounts to deal with warranty, correct parts, tools, and support, that Cycle Tech UK can arrange as part of the e-bike training, including becoming a service partner.

The fundamentals.

You can now learn the new skills required with Cycle Tech e-BIKE training. Expand your knowledge and grow your bike business, By building confidence with electric bicycles.

The course is also open to e-Bike brands and conversion kit manufacturers, that are looking for support, in a rapidly developing e-bike world of many brands and systems. The bike schools cover mainly Bosch, Shimano and systems like Bafang and Fazua plus give an overview of other systems that may lack easy diagnostics, information, tooling, and spare part supplier, from our database. Cycle Tech UK can tailor to your needs and the bikes you sell /work on. 

The one-day course is designed for the bicycle mechanic to carry out repairs or warranty issues and for sales of new e-bikes. Basic bicycle mechanics required and must be a business owner.

The brands covered:

  • Shimano Steps
  • Bafang
  • Brose BMW
  • Fazua
  • Mercedes

After the training, you will have available: Tool list, backup support, accounts for parts, and the use of our forum for support and documentation. Plus the added benefit to be a service agent for our partners, across the UK and your business details with specialising in, added to our map.

The course to include:

  • Health & Safety
  • Types of systems
  • e-Bike Diagnostic Checklist
  • Fault finding & firmware updates
  • Correct procedure of replacing the motor and other components
  • Identifying worn motor bearings and replacing the Bosch bearing service kit
  • Test ride different types of e-bikes
  • Data, tools, and accounts information


  • Prestwood Buckinghamshire.
  • At your location (Subject to T&C's) From the mobile workshop 1-on-1
  • Day two combined as a demo day/Dr bike to market your business locally and let your customers try a demo e-bike.

e-Bike school is also being taught, at the Bike Inn, after completing level 2 or for experienced mechanics who want to increase their knowledge.

For further information, dates, and cost email: martin@cycletechuk.co.uk


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