e-bike MTB’s are great fun

It makes cycling uphill as much fun as going down and you can explore a lot further.

Whether you are new to cycling or you have been riding the trails for years, you will enjoy the pleasure of an e mountain bike.

Like most people who work long hours and do not have the time to train or have a bad back or knees then an e-bike makes a lot of sense as you can head-off for the weekend and cover a lot of miles including uphill that you would not be able to do on a push-bike.

“Buying an e-bike is possible a tough 2 wheel decision you will ever have to make, it’s expensive, there is maintenance to think about and there are many to choose from”

Buy new or used?

It’s a big purchase and the need for ongoing maintenance.

What you should think about buying new:

  • Buy an e-bike that has the backup and ongoing support with a brand name like BOSCH, Shimano, Brose for years of riding.
  • Research and choose the battery size, motor brand and display type for your riding needs.
  • The type and cost of an e-bike will come down to how often you ride, who you ride with and do you have a place to ride near where you live.
  • How will you transport your e-bike to the bike parks?
  • The average spend is £5,500.00
  • Buying new gives you the peace of mind and warranty.
  • While you may find a bargain online if it’s an old model check the battery has been stored correctly.

What you should think about buying used:

  • If the bike has been de-restricted, this would put added wear to the motor and load on to the battery, meaning the battery may need replacing after a short time. 15 MPH is fast enough for off-road use.
  • Like any used bike, parts like the chain and brake pads may need replacing.
  • As a used buyer you may lose any warranty claim, always check first
  • Read our Blog Post: Finding a bike on eBay

To sum-up the eMTB:

An e-bike will NOT be transported on a car roof rack, so think before you buy. Yes, the tow ball mounted rack is fine. It will also not fit inside most cars or caravans. A typical eMTB may weigh about 22kg. 

eMTB’s are great on a long day trip when on the return leg, the wind gets up, there are big hills ahead, the rain comes down…and you are dog tired. Then you feel great having the helping hand of motor assistance to fight the elements. Great!

A greater amount of attention has to be given to chain maintenance as the motor assistance adds greatly to your normal chain wear.

An eMTB provides a better presence in traffic with being able to accelerate quickly from rest at uphill junctions.

Bosch does provide excellent back-up to their assisted bike customers and technicians.

eMTB’s are astounding on ridiculous climbs where legs would normally give up. They are also superb for ploughing through thick mud, crossing streams more assuredly and their extra weight can improve traction.

Hills are no longer to be feared!