Cycling Revolution 2020 – The Biggest Boom In History

As a bicycle mechanic running a mobile business, I am very grateful that I can continue to work, as most of the country is closed for business while bike shops remain open as an essential service.

Our mission is to serve people…………

We Are Living Through The Biggest Event In Human History

People are realising that time and freedom are their best assets, as we are living at the start of the Global Downturn of 2020. From a financial system built on debt and not on a solid foundation that will take years to recover from.

Cycling will not only continue to grow it will boom! As many people realise the many benefits of cycling, both mentally and physically coupled with cooking at home is giving people a healthy lifestyle and spending time with the family in the great outdoors. They are pulling their old bike from the back of the shed and calling the mobile mechanic to make good. Secondly, we are also attending to many new bikes that are bought online and come in a box to be assembled correctly. And thirdly as cyclists are putting in the miles we are being called to service and maintenance to keep cyclists on the road. Cycling is for everyone and it makes a lot of sense to make our new world a better place and these bikes will require looking after – every bike needs a mechanic.

Urban transport

We are a long way behind Europe and the rest of the world when it comes to cycling as transport. Infrastructure will need to be put in place before people start returning to work in cities. Commuting by bike will be the way people will adapt to stay away from public transport. More bike lanes and speed limits reduced for cars across the country would make a big difference for families and those new to cycling, coupled with a secure place to park your bike.

Being independent and relying on one’s bike to keep your distances from others will also keep you fit, save money and reduce pollution. A win-win, making our world a much better place by bike.

In the end, to make a change for the better, it comes down to each and every one of us to cycle more.

Dr Bike Clinic

I was preparing to drive to Spain at the beginning of the year, downsizing my operations in the UK for a while to look at the idea of expanding by setting up a cycling retreat with bicycle repairs, plus mechanical event support in Spain. Now I have been forced to stay in England and continue working as a mobile, a decision made that gives me a purpose and enjoyment of getting on with it and focus on cycling my local trails. This year has started off very busy, now with people staying at home has increased the workload, they are also very grateful they can continue to exercise outdoors. This is the good news that is coming out of the government after shutting down the country. We still have some rights, compared to Spain & France, as we have gone from fear to adapting to getting on with it, by keeping our distance and washing our hands more often. A balance of our health and the economy.
Just before the virus got through the airports and ports, I had started on developing a mechanic locator map that presents core information to the consumer like the mechanic’s distance, expertise and brands. Once the closest mechanic is found and clicked on, it opens their business listing and a contact form to be easily filled in, that is sent directly to the mechanic who deals with booking the job in. This has helped me with time-saving, as the number of enquiries is non-stop, plus the calls and emails. The map has made it easy to find the striking distance of each mechanic. It is also a great way I can continue to support mechanics and each mechanic can support their local cycling community a win-win.

Small businesses are going to need to be creative in their local community. Why not support a cycling campaign group that everyone can join in. Talk with the coffee shop in town, they too will be looking for support and arrange weekly evening bike rides, basically take over the town. Cycle Revolution is now the time to get more people cycling, we are going to need a safe place to park our bikes while we go to town and use the local businesses. Clearly marked cycleways and for motorists to give space to cyclists. If the council won’t provide, then we have no choice but to do it with the help of local businesses.

Learn to adapt and overcome the world in an economic slowdown

This is NOW the time to educate yourself and not rely on the authorities, while you still have the choice to do so. We are going into a brave new world; less job security, change in technology, corrupt government and the Bank of England printing money…………….. Time to start your own business.

We need more mechanics as people are adapting to cycling and all the benefits it offers. Let’s face it, the world will never be the same, we should look at this as an opportunity to be more independent, if you have a great idea like starting your own business, maybe now is the time to do it. Think about it, while we still can do it, we need to come out of this without losing any of our freedom. Don’t be afraid of what’s happening now, we should look at this as an opportunity for change. The only thing stopping you is making the decision, reading how to do it or spending time on Facebook is stealing your life from you, stopping you from being your full potential and having a purpose in life. The slowdown in the world economy is going to change our lives; we adapt or lose our freedom. To survive, you are going to have to manage your own capital; Money, labour, skill set, grow your own and network. And Cycle Tech Connect is where you can start the cycle revolution as we connect mechanics with customers and brands, it’s an exciting time we are entering where we can make an impact in our own life and local communities.

We took going for a coffee or holiday for granted, now we need to remember that we don’t need to continuously consume stuff to be happy, cycling in the great outdoors is the answer to our problems.

The great outdoors revolution
The great outdoors

The impact of the shutdown in the bike trade

Things are not going to get back to normal, we could not keep living on borrowed money, the economy was eventually going to crash. There is going to be a knock-on effect as this is going to affect everyone. You are on our own as the system is rigged against you. There is going to be a lot of unemployed and people won’t be spending.

I started Cycle Tech back in 2007, just before the banking crisis when my business took off and turned into the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics. I first started in the bike trade before I left school and at the age of 14, I was working 6 days a week in the local bike shop and 1 day a week in the local farm. I eventually went to college to further my education with an apprenticeship in the motor trade that allowed me to learn the skills of running a business. That I soon realised that working for yourself was the way forward, using your own ideas and rely on yourself. I had to make it work as there was no plan B, I did not want to work for someone else again, I wanted the freedom to evolve.

For the bike trade

Growth will come from online

We are the news

What’s in the news today is dead, it’s old, it’s in the past. What’s new is what we are doing, the future of entrepreneurship is here. It’s been difficult telling business owners the old way of doing business was falling. Well, it’s fallen! The virus is the end of the world as we knew it, its time to grow up and take care of other people, provide jobs and become independent. My point of view in networking, connecting customers to brands to mechanics and supporting local communities. The problem is you are going to have to wipe your brain clean and get re-educated. Get rid of all the options, realise there’s no rescue plan and there is no other option but to get on with it. The future is very bright, but you are going to have let go of old ideas. Now is the time to start thinking of new ideas and it will be a huge game-changer.

There are opportunities – A business that can survive will come out stronger.

We are getting great support from our suppliers, who are working on skeleton staff in the warehouses, while many phone operators work from home and we are both reliant on the delivery drivers, so far it’s working ok, now that next day means two working days. We are seeing a shortage of parts that are showing available in June for the latest models of bikes. Production is at standstill and supplies at some point will be limited, our mechanics are buying the essential workshop parts as we will also see a price increase, as a shortage of goods and printing money = hyperinflation.
You need to be found and network – I am listing new and established businesses on our map locator and database for free, this will be reviewed after 3 months. As the bike trade is being forced to change to the new way of doing business, suppliers are offering drop shipment. Bikes, wheels and accessories sent directly to the customer. Something I have been telling the bike trade over the last 10 years, as they wanted to support the bike shops in hope things will get better. Mobile can now offer in partnership with brands, suppliers, online shops a white-glove service, reducing damage, problems and returns. The mobile does not need to hold stock and can make 20% markup depending on the partnership with each supplier. We are also working directly with manufacturers who sell online but don’t have physical shops to offer warranty and peace of mind. We can offer national home service and aftercare, for all makes and models, this has been growing with e-Bikes, now we will see it become the normal click and deliver with a mechanic to take care and hand over – A certified mechanic will assemble, fit the rider and handover with a tutorial on all of the bike’s features. Means a great experience for the customer and someone to call for their next service.

We can all start working by supporting British manufactures and not be totally reliant on globalisation.

This time we are going to see a chain reaction of events unfold as we go into a depression from years of living in debt and not building any wealth. Running a mobile bike business is a way to be independent with good cash flow, low startup and running costs. Being part of a network gives you contacts in the trade and national support with recognised branding. A business built on a strong foundation and a passion to get more people cycling.

Our preferred training provider we highly recommend The Bike Inn for your training needs. 10% discount code: CYCLETECHUK When contacting with your interest.

Watch this space as we develop click a mechanic with your new bike order.

Create your own wealth

Resilience – It’s crucial to keep your business going, manage debt/money and transform your business for the future with organising your workshop and booking clients in. You are going to have to rely on your friends, family, network and make your business work. Take care of your business and support your local economy.

Educate yourself with finances and health. Question the mainstream media, social media and conspiracy theories as what’s scarce from these sources? The truth.

See the opportunity, don’t wait for handouts, start looking now and adapt to the new way of doing business. Keep your freedom so you can go out and earn a living.

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