Bike Shop Identified As An Essential


I am sure you are extremely concerned about the current crisis, which is why I am writing to let you know how we are responding and the actions we are taking to keep our mechanics and customers safe.

Further to the announcement made 23rd March 2020 The Prime Minister announced new social distancing measures which will have a profound impact on our way of life over the next few weeks, and maybe longer. It was also confirmed as a bike shop that we are identified as an ‘essential service’ and continue to trade to service and repair bikes.

How can Cycle Tech keep Britain moving in a time of crisis?

Cycle Tech is much more than a network of mobile mechanics and shops.
Our mechanics will be prioritising NHS staff with continues support, Supermarket workers, delivery riders and people who rely on their bike to get to the shops. We are experiencing high levels of enquirers but managing. We are also letting cyclists know when we are all available if you like to send your details or sign up to our newsletter.

The Cycle Tech Group will continue to support local communities, bicycle mechanics and online shops selling direct to the consumer in any way they can in this economical downturn. We see a bright future, as people will value their family and their free time. With the growth in cycling for fitness and commuting.

Most of our mechanics are carrying on and taking all precautions to protect themselves and the cyclist and we will also operate our mobile service where we can arrange to come to your home if you do not want to come to the shop. If we feel the area is not a safe environment to work in then the bike will be taken to the workshop.
We will continue to make sure we do everything we can to minimise infection and transfer. The workshop door will stay locked and we will only allow customers in one at a time. We will continue to disinfect our surfaces and our tools frequently; we will wear gloves and we disinfect the contact points of every bike we touch and disinfect our gloves between bikes. If there is anything else we can reasonably do to lessen the risk of infection, we will do it.

Cycle tech mechanics have over the years kept many NHS, police, fire crew, key workers’ bikes on the road and enabled them to avoid buses, trains and tubes and arrive at their work destination safely.
Please use the booking form to help deal with each bike and customer individual enquiries more efficiently.

We will endeavour to maintain our usual high service standards throughout this time but please be patient as each day presents different challenges and we are at the mercy of our third party carriers. For warranty, we will aim to support you with our suppliers who are not requesting returns during this period.

How your mechanic will use best practices while we are in a lockdown when visiting your home.
I have also highly suggested they wear a mask, there is very good evidence in countries being used as helped control the spread of the virus.
When arriving at a customer’s address maintain a two-metre distance from the door and call them to alert them that you are outside. Failing this, ring the doorbell and then step back to the two-metre distance.
The customer can then bring their bike outside the house and leave it in a suitable place before stepping back inside the house or to a two-metre distance away.
You should then handle the bike wearing gloves and disinfect the entire bike- paying particular attention to contact points such as the handlebar, brakes, gears etc. – before loading it into your method of transport.
Again, call the customer when you are outside or ring the doorbell before stepping back to a two-metre distance.
Disinfect the bike wearing gloves to make it as safe as possible for your customer to handle.
Leave the bike in a suitable place where the customer is able to collect it while maintaining the two-metre distance.
Your workshop
All employees should be wearing disposable gloves in the workshop and whenever handling bikes.
You should remind all employees to wash their hands for 20 seconds more frequently and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues.
Frequently clean and disinfect objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using your standard cleaning products.

Cycling is important for practical and mental health benefits.
Most of all keep your distance and stay safe while riding.

Thank you for your custom, we are hereby your side through the good times and the bad and I wish you, your families and your staff the very best of health Martin Cycle Tech Group