9 Reasons why e-bikes are better than traditional cycling

When you consider the inventions that have permanently changed the world we live in, a couple of examples may come to mind: the mobile phone, the computer and even the automobile.

Nowadays, however, there has been another technological advancement which looks set to change the way that we travel permanently, that is: The E-bike. In fact, this invention is so incredibly popular that there are over 200 million of them in Asia alone; these electric-powered bicycles account for almost a quarter of all bikes in the continent.

In the western world, the numbers haven’t entirely caught up yet, but as more and more people are becoming aware of them, the sales figures are starting to grow, slowly but surely.

Why are so many people making the switch from regular bikes to electric bikes? Well, today we have compiled nine reasons why E-bikes are becoming so popular, and why they are better than traditional cycling

9 Reasons why e-bikes are better than traditional cycling

1. You can travel much faster

Perhaps the main reason why most people choose not to cycle is that it takes much longer to get there. So instead, people want to either stay in the comfort of their vehicles and sit in traffic surrounded by dozens of cars moving at 10 miles per hour.

With an e-bike, however, that all changes. You will be surprised by the massive boost that such a small battery can give you, and end up getting to your destination much quicker than a regular bike (depending on where you’re travelling and what the traffic is like, it may even be quicker than an automobile too!).

When you opt for an electric bike, not only will you whiz past the other cyclists in your lane, but you can smugly smile to yourself as you pass all of the stressed-out automobile drivers next to you. (Yes, on an e-bike you are free to use the cycle lanes too!) as a result of that, you are likely to find that your electric bike is possibly the quickest way for you to get from A to B

2. They make travelling much easier

If you are cycling to work on your daily commute, you really have to take sweat into account. Some people just don’t have the luxury of shower facilities at their office, which is why an e-bike might be the perfect option for them. When you are on an e-bike, there is no need to pedal as hard thanks to the electric battery. That means that you don’t have to work as hard, and you will sweat less. On top of that, the additional speed means there is more wind to keep you fresh.

If this sounds familiar to you, then the e-bike may be exactly what you need. The electric battery and motor package may be exactly what you need to turn your tough, sweaty commute into an energising and pleasant spin. If you used to cycle to work and loved it, it is the e-bike that will make it possible for you to get back into cycling to work.

3. They are the safest option

This is another area where the e-bike truly shines. It is a known fact that motorcycles are much safer than regular bikes when it comes to dealing with traffic. All it takes is just one spin on an e-bike for you to realise how easy it is to accelerate and to then keep up in pace with motorised traffic, both of which keep you out of danger. Furthermore, you are less likely to be hit in the back by cars, as motorists have more time to see you.

Junctions are the scene of most cycling accidents, and having a faster acceleration is what ensures you can get out of the danger zone much quicker. What’s more is, you will be quicker, meaning fewer cars have to overtake you, which is a bonus. You are more likely to stop at red lights, because you don’t have to sacrifice all of the momentum which you have worked so hard to build, in the same way, you won’t be tempted to fly on the downhill because you will know that you can al-ways make speed again with ease.

So they seem pretty safe, right?

4. They enhance your health and fitness

Okay, I know that this one may seem a little strange, but it’s true! Most people would think that a regular bike would keep them fitter than an e-bike, and that would be correct on one condition: if they rode their traditional bike just as much as their e-bike, but trust me, the average person doesn’t ride their traditional bike as much as their e-bike.

Imagine this: would you cycle up an incredibly steep hill near your house just to get bread or milk from the local shop? Not likely, I’m guessing. If you are like most people, you would save yourself the hassle and just opt for your car. Yet when you have an electric bike, it’s a different story.

And the statistics will back it up. The latest research shows that 30% of people with a bike use it on average 25 times in a year, yet those with e-bikes report using their bike at least once a day, with a striking 81% of people using it once a week. So as confirmed by the Transport Research Laboratory, e-bikes are used almost twice as often as regular bikes.

5. You WILL lose weight

One common belief surrounding e-bikes is that you can’t lose weight from using them, but nothing could further from the truth. Of course, the electric battery strapped underneath you may make life easier for you, but best in mind that you also have to transport a much heavier bike. While it doesn’t precisely balance itself out, a general rule of thumb is that you are burning at least 65-70% as many calories on your bike as you would on a regular bike. And as we mentioned above, when you use your bike more often, the change can become very noticeable quicker than you might think!

If you’re thinking about cycling, swapping your motorised commute for an e-bike is perhaps one of the most effective ways for you to lose weight, seriously! It’s only a small lifestyle change and doesn’t require any vast amounts of willpower or time on your behalf. You would be surprised at the changes you could see within a couple of weeks!

6. Hills are no longer your worst nightmare

Almost every person who made the switch from a regular bike to an e-bike can look back at their first time tackling a hill. It’s a glorious moment. It’s almost as if the e-bike itself can flatten out the mountain, meaning you don’t have to dread them on approach anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still have to put in some effort, but they are much easier to do when your bike is being pushed on by an electric motor.

It can be a disheartening feeling as a cyclist to have it get off and start pushing, but once you get your electric bike, I assure you that the pursuing manoeuvre will be left behind for good, even in the hilliest of Places.

7. You can explore the world

If you are a huge fan of touring bikes, then an e-bike is perfect for you, for several reasons. First of all, e-bikes are known to have much wider tyres, not to mention that some even have eyelets to

ensure that racks can be fitted into the bike too. This means that riding long distances is not only more comfortable, but it is also more manageable.

This meant that if you set off on a long-distance cycling journey, whether at home or abroad, you can always go farther than you could with a regular bike. Like we have mentioned above, the battery from these bikes mean that you will tire much slower, and you will be much more comfortable along the way.

8. Headwinds are no longer the enemy

Any cyclist with even minimal experience will tell you just how frustrating a headwind can be. Sure, waiting at a red light can be annoying, having to dismount and push up the hill can be irritating. Still, I don’t know if anything compares to the struggle of having to deal with a headwind on a regular bicycle.

So the solution? Easy. The E-bike, of course! Again, any cyclist who has made the switch to electric power will tell you just how much of a difference it can make when you have that little electric motor underneath you. Now it doesn’t feel like you’re working against the wind, but that you have a teammate in the form of your electric generator to spur you on!

In addition to that, I won’t even describe the joy of being spurred on by the wind from behind you while using your electric motor to drive you even faster forward. Euphoria, to say the least.

9. They are outrageously fun

E-bikes are incredibly good fun. If you don’t believe me on this one, you can take a quick google search for videos of people who are test riding electric bikes for the first time. Almost each of them pulls the same reaction which is a small expression of surprise, followed by a broad smile and even an exclamation of joy! This is the immediate reaction to suddenly feeling what it’s like to have superpowers. It’s the sudden feeling of freedom to go anywhere you like and explore more.

Once you get yourself an electric bike, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going to places and seeing things that you hadn’t planned – or don’t necessarily need to do. Whether it is taking an extra trip out to the shop to pick up some bits and pieces, or even just discovering more about your local town or city, you can entertain yourself for hours with an e-bike, and love every step of the journey along the way.


In conclusion, then, there are so many reasons why people are making the jump from traditional bikes to electric bikes. E-bikes give you everything! Less stress, more freedom, better health, more free time and more enjoyment.

You don’t have people to worry anymore that you won’t be strong enough or have enough endurance to complete all of your journeys because, with an e-bike, you can go faster for much, much longer.

Perhaps electric bikes won’t ever fully replace motorised vehicles. Still, as more and more people become aware of the benefits that can be had and how it can change their lives, the popularity of e-bikes is only going to grow and grow until it becomes the new normal.

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