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How It Works

1. Book

Request an appointment with your local mechanic

2. Fix

Your mechanic will diagnose and carry out any repairs needed to get your bike back up to it’s best

3. Ride

You’ll be back on your bike and ready to ride in no time!

What Service Do I Need?

Intermediate Service

£ 65
  • Recommended At 6 Months Or After 1,000 Miles
  • Ideal for new bikes, includes an assessment and check up of all parts

Main Service

£ 95
  • Recommended At 12 Months Or After 2,000 Miles
  • Full assessment and service ideal for regular riders

Overhaul Service

£ 125
  • Recommended At 24 Months Or After 4,000 Miles
  • An in-depth assessment and service, ideal for bikes with severe usage
Brian F
Brian F
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I much appreciate your help and your fantastic customer service and would be more than happy to get a bill. Also you will be my go to company for any future matters. Kind regards Brian
James M
James M
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Picked up Shimano e-bike from my home and got Shimano to replace motor under warranty. All done within a week and now back on it! Very nice guys to deal with and great communications. Thanks
John T
John T
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"Hi Martin, Just had Mr Gray on the phone and he is over the moon with the advice you gave him, it seems to have sorted the problem and he is very happy. Thank you for your help with this" - BMW e-Bike
Nick B
Nick B
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Wow! It's a bike transformed. Great work! Thank you. I'm not sure they set it up this well when I bought it new!

Other Services Offered

An M-Check is an initial inspection of your bike, followed by a recommendation of what needs to be completed with a price estimate.

This ensures your bike is assembled correctly & safely Adjustments are made to brakes, gears, wheels, and the bike is set up for the rider. Your mechanic will also explain how care for the bike in between services.

New bike builds can be carried out on a bike you have ordered online or through one of Cycle Tech UK’s partners.

The same as a new bike build, you will also be shown how to use the electrics display, carry out simple updates, charge & store the battery safely, and a full explanation of how to use the bike correctly so you get the most out of your rides.

New e-bike builds can be carried out on an e-bike you have ordered online or through one of Cycle Tech UK’s partners.

Learn what makes your bike work and how to look after it.

Whether you use your bike for sports, commuting or recreation, a reliable bike service is key to ensuring that you continue to enjoy your bike for years to come. 

Park Tool School teaches you how to complete a full service, how to check your bike before & after each ride for damage or worn parts and how to clean & lubricate on a regular basis. 

You will also receive a Park Tool School Certificate at the end of the training.

Mechanical support across the UK and Europe.  

Bespoke cycle tours in Europe. Local experience to 5-day challenge. 

Supporting locally made bicycle and component manufacturers. 

Nicely made stuff is always a pleasure to use.

British-made products are made to last. Their prices are the real ones… Without slave labour and artificial lowering to remove competition.


From crash inspections to repairs and respray. Find a local carbon specialist. 

Hire a bike or e-bike for family rides and mountain bike parks 

For manufactures, brands and online shops. 

First a case number will be raised to manage the case.

To all good makes of e-Bikes. 

If you are the original owner of an e-Bike, that has not had an speed device fitted, we can carry out the work. You will need to get authorisation from where you brought the bike to get a refund, for our labour charge (And any parts, that are not supplied under warranty) We work closely, with the top brands and after sending a diagnostic report, they will send parts out. (Some brands charge for returning parts) 


  • Specialty online e-Bike stores
  • Specialty manufactures and brands
  • Cyclists who have brought online, from a specialty store.

Updating your e-Bike firmware and diagnosing any issues that are showing to all good makes of e-Bike.

Bleed system to manufacturer’s recommendations, centre brakes & road test.
Clean caliper pistons & inspect disc pads & rotors.
Recommended – Once a year or as needed.

Service for fork suspension and shock for various brands.
Once a year or as needed.

Hand built wheels 

Bike fitting is the process of adjusting a bike for a cyclist to optimise their comfort, performance and efficiency. Bike fitting is for anybody who cycles, particularly if an overuse injury has occurred, to maximise their enjoyment and performance.

Reduce our environmental footprint and enhance sustainability in the cycling community. Part of our network of bicycle mechanics, is to have awareness, collection points, bulk buying, buy local and local manufacturing, by being green minded and not money minded.

Continue to sponsor young riders like Tom Townsend and supports the Will Houghton Foundation.

Replacement of bike tyre inner tube and setting up or changing tubeless tyres.

Industry’s leading training provider of professional, accredited bicycle mechanic qualifications here in the UK

Not Sure What Service You Need?

Read through our list of services to find out which one seems appropriate for you. Or book an initial service and your mechanic will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Why Book Through Cycle Tech Connect?

Cycle Tech Connect allows cyclists to search for their local mechanics, read certified reviews, compare services and book a mechanic to their home, work or drop off to a bike shop.

How Does It Work?

  1. Simply enter your postcode and service you would like to book.
  2. Your mechanic will diagnose and carry out any repairs needed to get your bike back up to it’s best.
  3. You’ll be back on your bike and ready to ride in no time!


The largest business directory of independent bicycle & e-Bike mechanics. That has grown into a community. Each business owner, has come from different backgrounds and is connected through cycling.  

We are making it easy for 100’s of daily visitors looking to book a mechanic.

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Our Mission

A win-win business, that strives for both parties to benefit.

Contributing to small businesses:

A platform to support small, local business and locally made products.  

Knowing the importance of having a customer care line to support brands and cyclists needs. 

Our Social Responsibility – ‘Put back locally’ by working with other local businesses and supporting the unprivileged to cycle, in our local communities and educate people about the sustainability of cycling and the health benefits.

The Small Print is operated by Cycle Tech UK 

Est: 2007 

Independent mechanics working to a framework:

Doing the best we can, supporting each other without anyone in charge, without rules and control, building trust and offering value.

We achieve this by being ourselves, making it ongoing, building on our experience’s and having good intentions.

“Timely Mending, Save’s Timely Spending”